Learning Contracts

posted Feb 28, 2012, 4:06 PM by tbutcher@madison-academy.org
Hello! Students have begun using learning contracts, this allows them to have some options in how they demonstrate their knowledge and learning. This also allows them to use their creativity and strengths to demonstrate what they have learned. If you go to the subject area links on the left (Early American History and Earth Science) and scroll down to the calendar you will see the date the project was assigned, if you click on the assignment on the calendar you will also have access to the documents that go with the assignment, just in case they originals get lost. Please help your student to take pride in their work and create the best project THEY can, please remind them the content of the project and the learning of that content is the goal, not just the completed project. This is our second and third learning contract, the first one went well, with room for improvement I know your students will be even more successful this time around!!!