First Week of School

posted Sep 9, 2011, 6:23 PM by
It has been a great first week of school. It flew by so fast. We all are adjusting to the earlier start time. Keep up the good work getting to school on time. It is vital to the smooth operation of the class, as well as your academic success to be in school on time each and every day. The busses being a little behind should improve next week as the kinks get worked out of the schedules.

A few reminders for next week: NO hoodies will be allowed in class or any time during school. This was made final this afternoon as the staff met to discuss the first week of school. I will be going over this with the class on Monday morning. If you feel you need something over your uniform shirt be sure to follow the requirements in the handbook. No hoodies will be allowed. 

Our social contract has been completed and signed by all students (if you were absent, you will be asked to review it and sign it upon your return) be sure you are following it at all times, treating all staff and students in the way you expect them to based on the social contract YOU created. RESPECT was the number one item YOU all chose to put on the contract, so I will expect to see you all treating each other with a lot more respect. Fouls and check yourselves should be used appropriately, it is not a joke, and you are not to just holler them out at random. Two up's must be given if a foul is called on you. Those two ups must be about the person not their appearance or external attributes. "Your haircut is cool" is NOT acceptable. "You work really hard in class" is acceptable. 

Global Scholars (previously called scantron) testing will begin on Tuesday. It is very important that every student does their personal best on their test. We use this data to help the students be more successful through the year. The objectives "missed" on the test help guide our lessons to be sure students are gaining that knowledge along with our regularly scheduled lessons. If a student messes around during the test, not taking it seriously and not doing their best, then the data we gain is ineffective in helping that student be successful. Because testing starts early in the morning, it is essential that every student be on time, this will minimize the amount of instruction they will miss in the event of make up tests. 

One great week is over, and we have many more to come, with only more greatness in store. I believe in every students ability to learn. If they put forth effort, they will learn and they will be successful.