First Week

posted Sep 8, 2012, 12:06 PM by
The first week of school went well. We have a terrific group of 8th graders this year and I see success in their futures. Parents please note that school wide procedures are being taught and are expected to be followed. There were a few students (not many, but a few) who were showing signs of having difficulty following those procedures this week. Please ask your student about the procedures and remind them to follow them each and every day. 

Students are expected to fill in their planners for each class. Science and Social Studies were interrupted this week due to various beginning of the year items, we will be picking up the pace in those areas in the coming weeks. Check your students planner nightly to see what they've been up to. 

In math we're preparing for our MEAP and Global Scholars testing, as well as getting set up for Accelerated Math program to ensure all students are working at grade level by the end of the year, that is our goal. I will need parental support to ensure this happens. Help your child reach their personal math goals, by encouraging study time at home, as well as full participation in school. We have a few who want to be social instead of academic, and they will be required to change their mindset about what school is for, they will not be successful if they do not. 

You should have gotten a Star Math report on Friday from your student, it shows where they currently stand in math as well as some math concepts they need to focus on to improve. I expect those to return to school with the students on Monday, signed by you so I know you have seen how your child is doing. These reports will come home throughout the year as we progress through the program. 

Thank you for all you do, your continued support is very much appreciated. 

Mrs. Butcher