Chapter 9 Math Test

posted Mar 30, 2012, 7:39 AM by
Hello Parents, 

Before the chapter 9 math tests are even graded I want to make you aware of the effort the students put in to preparing for this test. 

They were given two full math periods in class to review and practice, some whole class practice as well as time to work with partners and ask me for one on one help. 

They were also allowed to make note pages they would be allowed to use on the test and were told this 3 days before the test. They were given a study guide/practice test that we went over as an entire class that they could also use to help them with their test. Their study guide was a full level higher than their test as far as difficulty as well. 

Many students did not have notes and acted as though they had never even seen the math on their test before test day.