Bullying & Classroom Behavior

posted Dec 9, 2011, 2:40 PM by tbutcher@madison-academy.org
Hello Parents & Students,

This year has been quite a challenge with disruptive, and disrespectful classroom behavior. I have been working very hard to teach the students to behave with respect and care within and out side of our classroom. They are definitely improving, however it could be better. 

There are several students who frequently have outbursts of laughter or noise in class, there are several students who will sit and carry on a conversation across the room and other students during lessons, which is very disrespectful to me as well as the students between them who are trying to listen.

Our classroom is a place to come to learn and feel safe. There are several students (not all) that work really very had at keeping it from being just that. If they would spend the energy on their schooling rather than avoiding the schooling, they would be doing much better. 

Please take the time to talk with your student about the importance of being respectful and using appropriate classroom behavior in the classroom. I am a teacher who believes in teaching students to behave not just punishing them for every mistake they make, however, those few students who seem to be a constant disruption in the classroom and who are not making progress toward positive classroom behavior will begin to see an increase in referrals. 

There have been several incidences of bulling in the last week or two, that have been brought to my attention. Bullying is NEVER acceptable in our classroom. If I hear or see the bullying take place I will write a referral immediately. If you have a student you suspect of bullying please talk to them about treating their classmates with respect. If you don't know if your student bullies or not, or if you have a student who is being bullied, please contact me immediately, or even better have your student come to me about it. If they are worried about talking with me about it, I keep a mailbox on my desk that students are welcome to drop notes in anytime they need, they just need to be sure to put the date and their name on the note so I know who to go to for further information if necessary. 

Thank you for your continued support, working together to lead the students to a successful future is huge. 
Thank you,

Mrs. Butcher