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posted Feb 22, 2013, 6:25 AM by

Hello 8th Grade Students and Families,

I have updated each subject area link on this website to include websites for those subject areas. Students who have interests in any of the subject areas can go to that subjects page and visit different websites related to that subject area. These are suggestions gathered from many sources. I have not personally reviewed all of the sites, nor do I know if all of the links are currently active. I've only collected them and put them in one place for students to be able to find more easily. I do hope students are able to visit some and grow their minds through their own interests, doing so helps keep the love of learning alive in students. 

Hope you all had a great break. See you soon!
Mrs. Butcher

Global Scholars

posted Jan 7, 2013, 2:33 PM by

Global Scholars testing begins this week for the winter testing session. All students are expected to reach their goals in all subject areas. Don't forget to ask your student if they reached their goals after each testing session. 


posted Nov 21, 2012, 3:29 AM by

I wish every family a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving. Enjoy your time with family and friends. Our class will be presenting information about Gratitude during the Monday assembly when we return! I'm so excited to see their finished work in front of the school.


posted Nov 18, 2012, 5:44 AM by

Newsletters will be shared electronically after this week. Please be sure Mrs. Wisniewski and I have your email address, to ensure you receive the newsletter. They will also be posted on this site, under the newsletters link to the right of the page. If you are in need of receiving a hard copy, please request it, and we can send it home with your child. Thank you!

First Week

posted Sep 8, 2012, 12:06 PM by

The first week of school went well. We have a terrific group of 8th graders this year and I see success in their futures. Parents please note that school wide procedures are being taught and are expected to be followed. There were a few students (not many, but a few) who were showing signs of having difficulty following those procedures this week. Please ask your student about the procedures and remind them to follow them each and every day. 

Students are expected to fill in their planners for each class. Science and Social Studies were interrupted this week due to various beginning of the year items, we will be picking up the pace in those areas in the coming weeks. Check your students planner nightly to see what they've been up to. 

In math we're preparing for our MEAP and Global Scholars testing, as well as getting set up for Accelerated Math program to ensure all students are working at grade level by the end of the year, that is our goal. I will need parental support to ensure this happens. Help your child reach their personal math goals, by encouraging study time at home, as well as full participation in school. We have a few who want to be social instead of academic, and they will be required to change their mindset about what school is for, they will not be successful if they do not. 

You should have gotten a Star Math report on Friday from your student, it shows where they currently stand in math as well as some math concepts they need to focus on to improve. I expect those to return to school with the students on Monday, signed by you so I know you have seen how your child is doing. These reports will come home throughout the year as we progress through the program. 

Thank you for all you do, your continued support is very much appreciated. 

Mrs. Butcher


posted Sep 2, 2012, 12:23 PM by

Our class schedule is up, if you were wondering what types of specials you will have this year/trimester, you can look at the specials page to see what they are and when you will have them. You can also see what time lunch is. There is no eating in the classroom so be sure you have a good breakfast so you will not be hungry before lunch. You may bring a water bottle with lid and only clear, unflavored water to class with you. See you Tuesday!!!

First Two Weeks

posted Aug 31, 2012, 12:58 PM by

Hello 8th grade students & families,

Just a reminder that the first two weeks of school will be spent learning & practicing our policies and procedures, and reviewing and preparing for the MEAP, as well as taking the Fall Global Scholars tests. 

Be sure to put forth your best efforts right from day one to ensure you are reaching your goals on your global scholars and MEAP. 

Please be patient during this time if you are not feeling like I am challenging you enough, as this time is very important, to ensure everyone does their best on MEAP, as well as Global Scholars and gets a strong start to the school year. 

Lets make this a great year, where we all show our very best work on everything we do!!!

Mrs. Butcher

Welcome to 8th Grade

posted Aug 28, 2012, 7:20 PM by

It was really great to see so many of you at our orientation tonight. I look forward to meeting the rest of you and getting to know all of you this year. As many of you learned I will be teaching all of the 8th grade math and Mrs. Wisniewski (Kiss) will be teaching english language arts. This change will allow us to better focus on the quality of instruction and learning that goes into those subjects at the 8th grade level.
There were several students who came to see us that were not on our class lists. If you were a returning student, this is likely due to us not receiving your re-enrollment form last year. It is vital that you turn these in EVERY year, otherwise your spot is given to someone new. I hope you are able to move up the waiting lists quickly so we can see you again real soon. Please remember we need ALL students who plan to return each year to complete and return a re-enrollement form to ensure they can remain in our school. 

Have a great last few days of summer, and I will see all of you wonderful 8th graders on Tuesday, September 4th. 

Go Madison Eagles, Go EMU Eagles. 

Beginning of Year

posted Aug 19, 2012, 7:25 AM by

As the new school year approaches, I wanted to bring a couple of items to your attention. There is a standard of behavior that is expected to be carried out by all students within Madison Academy. There will be nonverbal cues as well as verbal cues given school wide to ensure consistency building wide. Parents will be contacted when their students do not follow the guidelines for building wide behavior. It is essential that the expectations be met by all students to allow for the best possible learning to take place within the classroom. Students have the right to learn and teachers have the right to teach and behavior that disrupts the learning process will NOT be tolerated. 

It is also essential that you ensure your child has had enough sleep at night, as sleeping in school is not a behavior that will promote learning or success for your child. Be sure that your student knows they are expected to have all of their supplies for class upon entering the room. Locker trips for "forgotten" items will not be permitted.

Thank you, can't wait to have a fantastic 2012-2013 school year!!!

End of Year

posted May 30, 2012, 3:40 AM by


As we approach the end of the year, we still have some work to do, please remind your students that we work until we are done. Thank you.

Students have until June 1, 2012 to turn in any and all late or missing work. Only new assignments will be accepted after that date.

June 4, 2012 is our Global Scholars party for students who gained 50 points or higher in both Reading and Math for the year. Almost all students in this class reached that goal. YAY!!!

June 5, 2012 is our school wide field day, being planned and organized by our high school student council. Thank you student council for that work. More details will be announced as they are made available.

June 7, 2012, 8:00 am. Will be our final Honors Assembly of the year. Parents are welcome to come and applaud students who've worked so hard to earn and keep their place on the Wall of Fame!!

June 7, 2012 in the afternoon is our end of the year class party. Pizza will be provided, along with a movie, watch for movie notice to come home if the movie is rated PG or higher. Students may bring snacks that day to go with their pizza, they will want beverages too, however, they have no way to keep them cold throughout the day, so please keep that in mind.

June 8, 2012 is our LAST day of school for the year! It will be a half day with students being dismissed at 11:12 am. HAVE A TERRIFIC SUMMER!!! Don't forget to READ!!!

Thank you for the great year!!

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