One of the Math text books I am using as a resource can be found online at, choose the blue book on that site and students can see the entire text.

Visit  for our math textbook online.  - This is our old textbook, you are welcome to use it for additional help!! -

Choose middle school, math, then click on Michigan and go. Click on the picture of our textbook. You will have to create an account, so be sure to remember your log in information. When prompted enter the activation code: 4998744-10. You will now be able to log in and use the textbook online. No more lugging that heavy book home just to complete the last few problems of your homework assignment.

In our class we are using flex math, an online math practice and lesson program to help students practice and learn math skills they find challenging or have forgotten from past years. The site can be accessed at Nearly all of the students created their FREE accounts on the first day we used it. Every time students log in either in school or at home their progress is reported to me, giving me the opportunity to see what they are practicing as well as how well they are doing. My goal is for all students to grow their math skills this year. 

We are also using xtramath at Most students have logged in at least one time in class. This site can also be accessed at home, and is a FREE resource you can use with any of your children. It is meant to increase students basic math computation skills, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Having strong skills in these areas will make learning the more challenging concepts in 8th grade and beyond much easier for your student, as they will not be focused on trying to complete the computation, they will be focused on using the new concept that was taught. 

To access xtramath go to Students have created their own log in. If they have forgotten it, the class code RRVT6U can be entered, after-which the can choose their name from the list and enter their 4 digit pin (they need to know this), and they can practice as much as they'd like! Certificates are given as levels are passed. 

I am very excited to be teaching two sections of math this year. On this page you will find a link to the "old" Michigan GLCE (grade level content expectations) for 8th grade math as well as a link to the new Common Core standards for 8th grade math. 

There is also a vocabulary document attached at the bottom of the page. It is a very comprehensive list, however there could be additional vocabulary that students learn and we may spend more time on some vocabulary than others, depending on the depth in which we learn that concept in 8th grade. 

Click here: 8th grade Math Common Core standards to see the standards. 

92.5% - 100%                            A                                            72.5% - 76.4%                            C

89.5% - 92.4%                           A-                                           69.5% - 72.4%                            C-

86.5% - 89.4%                           B+                                          66.5% - 69.4%                            D+

82.5% - 86.4%                           B                                            62.5% - 66.4%                            D

79.5% - 82.4%                           B-                                           59.5% - 62.4%                            D-

76.5% - 79.4%                           C+                                          Less than 59.5%                           F

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