Classroom Rules, Procedures & Policies


First  & Foremost: Abide by the Social Contract & School Handbook!

General Expectations

  • All handbook policies, procedures and rules will be enforced.
  • Come to class prepared. Be on time with all necessary books and supplies. You must be ready to participate in class discussions, lectures and note taking. 
    • If you are tardy you must have a pass from the office and you must go to your seat in a non-disruptive manner.
    • If you are not prepared it is your responsibility to get prepared without disrupting the class, and in a timely manner.
  • Do your best on everything you do. Read the directions and attempt to do the lesson BEFORE asking for help.
  • Respect the feelings, rights and property of others. If it doesn’t belong to you DO NOT touch it! This includes my desk and belongings.
  • Be on task at all times.
    • Do not disrupt the class.
    • Do not waste our class time.
    • It is not your right to waste the time of others.
    • Save social talking and behavior for before school, lunch, and after school.
  • Do not leave your seat without permission.
  • Raise your hand to speak.
  • While in the classroom you are expected to be working quietly. No talking is permitted during individual work time, quite talking only about the current assignment is permitted during group work.
  • Talking anytime during a test, quiz or exam will earn you a zero (0) as well as a possible referral for cheating.
  • If a guest comes into the room for any reason you are to continue what you are working without comment, only the greeter may speak to the person.
  • If the teacher is engaged in conversation with a guest, another teacher or staff member, student, or anyone else that might come to or call our classroom with school business, you are to continue working. A teacher talking is not an invitation for you to have social time.
  • When there is a substitute teacher you are expected to behave in the same manner expected from you when your classroom teacher is present.
  • When you are in a special class you are expected to behave in the same manner expected from your classroom teacher.
  • You will be sent to the office with a referral if you fail to follow the classroom/school rules and guidelines. Repeat offenders can expect a conference with parents and principal to discuss a possible solution.
  • Disruptions or other issues that create a disturbance in our class and school will result in a referral and a conference with the principal – according to the school handbook.
  • Once you enter the room you are not to leave again without a permission or a pass.

Specific Procedures


Entering the Classroom

  • Quietly walk into the room.
  • Have sharpened pencils (2)(mechanical pencils 7mm), books, and materials ready.
  • Turn in completed homework in appropriate tray; check in text if necessary.
  • Go to seat.
  • Read Agenda.
  • Fill in Planner.
  • Begin "Do Now" on your own.
  • Read at your seat if you finish your starter assignment early, or work on other assignments.
  • Listen to directions from teacher.

Food and Drink in the Classroom

  • Water bottles containing only water are allowed in the classroom.
  • Food is not permitted in the classroom. 

Leaving the Classroom

  • Stand up; push in chair.
    • Turn in completed assignments.
    • Pick up graded assignments/handouts.
  • Walk quietly toward the door.
  • Listen for directions from teacher.
  • Keep hands to yourself and voice off while in line/leaving the classroom. 


  • Keep hands & feet to yourself.
  • Keep voice off.
    • Save social talking and behavior for before school, lunch, and after school.
  • Walk in a neat line to the right of the hallway.
  • Keep hands & feet off walls/lockers etc.
  • Go directly where you are expected to go. 


  • Passes will be used only during work time, and only to use the restroom.
    • Restroom passes are not for hallway or restroom social time.
    • Exceptions will only be made for students with doctors notes on file in the office.
  • Sign out on the sign out sheet. Write neatly and include all information.
  • Take the pass. You must have a pass to be out of class.
  • Go to the restroom, quickly and quietly.
  • Return to class.
  • Hang the pass back on the wall.
  • Do not abuse the pass or you will lose it.
  • Do not lose the pass or everyone will lose the use, without a pass you cannot leave the room. I will NOT write passes to use the restroom.

Hall Pass

  • You must have a pass to be out of the classroom.
  • If you need to leave the room, except to use the restroom, the teacher will write you a pass.
  • Leaving the room without permission or a pass is an immediate referral.

Instructional Time

  • Have materials ready.
    • At least 2 sharpened pencils (better yet have 2 mechanical pencils with extra lead)
    • Notebook
    • Folder
    • Textbook
    • Any other necessary supplies
  • Be sitting at your seat.
  • Eyes on speaker or text depending on lesson.
  • Voice off (Listen and Silent are spelled with the same letters).
  • Listening.
  • Taking notes if necessary.
  • Hands & feet in own space.
  • Raise hand and wait to be called upon to speak.
  • Save social talking and behavior for before school, lunch, and after school.

Work time

  • Be at your desk or in the space you should be in for the assignment.
  • Be on task at all times.
  • Hands & feet in own space.
  • If it is a partner/group assignment use quite voices and keep conversations focused on assignment.
    • If you have a question ask your partner/group members before raising your hand to ask me, if no one in the group knows one member raise your hand and wait for me to help.
  • If it is an individual assignment avoid talking and distracting others
    • If you have a question about the assignment, you may ask your neighbor in a whisper voice, if they cannot answer your question raise your hand and I will help you.
  • Remember to always try your best. Read all directions/instructions and attempt to do the assignment before asking for help.
  • Save social talking and behavior for before school, lunch, and after school.

Assignment Headings

  • Every assignment must have the proper heading.
  • Heading:
    • Name, Date, Subject, Class.
      • In upper right hand corner of every paper.
    • Assignment Title.
      • On top center line of every paper.
    • Student Number
      • In upper left corner of every paper. 
  • For each part of the heading that is missing one point will be subtracted from grade.
  • No Name = No Grade. Papers without names will be discarded.

Student Binder

  • A 1½” -  2" Binder is recommended for each student.
  • Tabs are needed to organize the binder by subject area.
  • Students should keep all assignments in that binder organized by subject. 

Turning in Papers/Getting Graded Papers Back

  • To turn in an assignment on time, place it in the tray for your class and subject.
  • Assignments will be returned by being placed in your personal folder in the graded assignment box, this is also where you will find daily hand outs for the homeroom. Tests and projects will be reviewed by student and returned to teacher for use during conferences.
  • When entering or leaving the classroom at the beginning or ending of class/day students are to put their completed work in the appropriate tray or remove their completed work/handouts from their folder.
  • All work is expected to be turned in on the due date, assignments one day late will receive 75% of the earned grade, any assignments after that day will be a 0. I do NOT expect you to ever have late or missing assignments!
  • Missed work
  • If you are absent and there were assignments handed out, you will find them in the absent assignment folder for that day of the week.
  • Handouts from days you are absent will also be in the Absent Assignments folder for the day of the week you were out.
  • Each student is responsible for getting the assignments he or she missed and completing them in the given amount of time. If there are no handouts in your folder there could still be an assignment it is your responsibility to ask if there were any, and what they are.
  • Assignments missed during an unexcused absence will not be made up.
  • Each student is responsible for picking up his or her graded/missed assignments and/or handouts from their own file daily, as there could be important information to take home.


  • Planners should be reviewed by parents each night with student.
  • Read for 20 minutes each night.
  • Any work not completed in class should be completed that evening as homework and returned the next day.
    • If a text is required to complete the work one may be checked out with teacher approval and returned the next day with the assignment.
    • Students who do not apply themselves in the classroom during work time will not be allowed to check out a text and must finish their assignment during another time in class.
    • Late assignments will be graded according to the policy above.
  • Other homework assignments will be given to reinforce learned items and will be considered practice. These assignments help me see how well each student understands the material.
  • There may be project based research type assignments given for homework. Some class time will be allowed for these projects, the remainder of the project will be completed at home as homework. It is your responsibility to know when the assignment is due and to manage your time in a way that will allow you to complete the assignment and turn it in on time.
  • Students will be expected to write their homework assignments in their planner after each subjects lesson. Extra credit will be given at the end of the trimester to students who have been using their planners consistently. 

Preferred Activity Time (P.A.T) *SUBJECT TO CHANGE*

  • Each day you will start with 5 points to be used toward P.A.T. time.
  • A point will be lost when students are not on task.
  • A point will be lost when students are not prepared.
  • A point will be lost when students are talking.
  • Points will be collected each day toward a goal decided upon by the students and teacher.
  • Points lost cannot be gained back in the same day. If you want points don't lose them.
  • P.A.T time is NOT free social time.
  • P.A.T time is a time for you to have activities that are not used on a daily basis in the classroom.
  • When P.A.T time is misused you will automatically start with negative points toward your next goal.
  • Minor Infraction
    • 1st Offense - Warning and loss of P.A.T time for entire class
    • 2nd Offense - Phone call home / Office Referral - as deemed appropriate by teacher.
    • 3rd Offense - Office Referral
  • Major Infraction
    • 1st Offense - Office Referral
  • Repeat Offenders
    • 4th Offense - Conference with teacher/principal/parents possible behavior contract
    • 5th Offense - If behavior contract is in place it will be followed, otherwise Office Referral


  • When I want your attention I will put my hand up for give me 5 (SLANT). 
  • You are expected to stop everything you are doing and listen.

Classroom Library 

  • Books in the classroom library are for the use of all students and should be treated with respect. I expect books to be returned in the same condition as they were in when you borrowed them. 
  • Books are in order by Author’s last name. You are responsible for putting the books back where they belong when you are finished with them.
  • Choose your book.
  • Fill out the Book Check Out Form on the wall by the class library.
  • Read and enjoy the book.
  • Return the book to the appropriate place on the shelf and complete check in section on the Book Check Out Form.
  • All reading materials in the class library are to be properly returned when you are finished with them.


GIVE RESPECT at ALL time and you will RECEIVE RESPECT at ALL times!