It was great to get to know you... High Schoolers

    Hello Parents and Students,
           There are less than 2 months of school remaining for 8th grade. Less than 2 months of school before you move on to high school, the last step in your K-12 education, the landing before college and careers and the rest of your life begins. Take these last 2 months of middle school to improve your strategies, organization and habits, to ensure you will be ready for success in high school, college and your future career. 
           We will begin our Spring session of Global Scholars testing on May 1st. I expect that I will see 85 - 100% of you reach your goals. Remember to take your time, write things down and work out the problems or questions on paper to ensure you are doing your best. Take your time, do not rush and remember you can have as much time as you need to do your best work. 
            The end of the school year is always bitter sweet for me, so happy to be completing a school year and looking forward to just a little bit of down time, and time with my family. So sad to watch another great group of students move up and on with their lives. As much time as we spend talking about and preparing for the next step, and as happy as I am to watch each student take that next step, I always miss the students when they go. Hoping that some of the life lessons we learned together stick with them and help them along life's journey. 
            The end of this year is also bitter sweet because Mrs. Wisniewski will be on maternity leave from April 26, 2013 until the end of the school year. Finishing the year with a long term substitute is always a challenge. We are happy for Mrs. Wisniewski welcoming her baby to this world, but will miss her being here each day, ready and willing to help all students learn! Looking forward to seeing pictures of baby Wisniewski in the coming weeks though!
            Show me what you've got 8th graders, before you jump on up to high school next year. Show me your best, meet your goals, work hard and put forth full effort. I'm looking forward to passing out $20 & $50 Madison Bucks before this year ends. 

Mrs. Butcher

"Prepare the next generation of professional's through academic excellence."

"Inspire, Motivate, and Educate each Madison student."

Please check our news and updates tab regularly or subscribe to the RSS feed to stay up to date on happenings in the classroom. If you don't have your parent portal log in, be sure to stop by the office for it, you have access to your child's grades at all times, there should be no surprises come report card time. 

You can have a great year, with a little work and a lot of strength and respect. 

Together we can do ANYTHING!!!!


Be sure to read the classroom rules, procedures and policies and be prepared to follow them the moment school starts.

YOUR success begins with YOU!

It is essential to your child's success to have open lines of communication. Please email me any questions or comments you may have, I check my email regularly and respond usually within a few hours. Thank you for your participation in making this year a GREAT year for your student at Madison Academy!

 I can be contacted by phone at (810) 655-2949

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions